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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of financing do you do?
We offer in house financing, call us for the best financing around.

Do you offer an extended warranty?
We currently do not offer extended warranties. We offer our cost on parts and $50.00/hr shop rate. We also offer our L1 Master certified Technician at a rate of $65.00/hr for our customers only in a separate shop next to us - Armstrong Family Autocare. We charge for actual time not Book Time. Now that cannot be beat anywhere!

Do you check all your vehicles before selling them?
We do. When we get our vehicles we have them go through our certified shop to have everything checked and inspected. If it needs to be fixed we fix it; if it doesn't, we do not. We also hope that our great customers always maintain their vehicles so that they last a long time. It is very important to maintain any vehicle with scheduled oil changes, transmission checks and fluid changes. Also, tire maintenance, lighting bulbs and all fluids. Not only with this help your vehicle last a lot longer, it will also be in great shape when it comes time to trade it in with another vehicle.

Do we get the title after we make our payments?
Great question and the answer is YES....When you finance through us you make all your payments to us. When you come in to make your last payment on your interest-free loan, we give you the extra key and also we sign the title and hand it to you to take the same day. We have heard of some people not getting their titles once they pay off their loans with other businesses and that's not the case here. We really do give you the signed title when you make your last payment.